Simple design

By keeping the design simple, Ceepage can be used by anyone with no learning curve. No training required!

Info in its context

Information is often split between several emails, several documents. In Ceepage, everything on a given topic is on the same page, a mouse scroll away.

News feed

Get updates from your different topics in your news feed. It's simple, it's fast.

Use Ceepage for...


Capture your business knowledge. Well organized.

On-boarding process for newcomers, FAQ for a business application, description of a system, team project informations: one page for every topic.


Follow topics. Stay informed.

Have someone monitor a topic on the web and store relevant information in a page: coming events, news on competitors, technology updates. Whoever is interested can then join the page to follow the topic.


Prepare your next event. Forget nothing.

Organize a conference, get your notes ready for an important meeting, plan a business trip or your next holidays. Having all the information on one page is a bliss!


Benchmarks. Never that easy.

You need to choose a tool, find the right partner, compare market alternatives: store in one page all the relevant information you find, it will greatly help you in your decision process.

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