Keep track, together…

Create private platforms to store information, photos, videos, or any content with some of your colleagues, business partners, friends, or family.

Retrieve it in 1 click whenever you need. Comment, ask, and make sure everyone is on the same page!

Ceepage team:
over 6 years ago

Never forward the same email 100 times anymore.

Organizing an event? Working with multiple contacts? Make it easy for everyone:

create 1 page to store information and content you all need. Work on it, update, modify, delete, add info whenever you want.

Your contacts will be notified by email and in the Activity of their Ceepage account.

Keep everything in 1 single page!

Some of your contacts are not on Ceepage (yet)? 

No problem: you can create an URL for each page and send the link by email. Your contacts will be able to access the page by simply clicking on the link.

Ceepage team:
almost 7 years ago

Lost in meetings?

Meetings are pointless if you can't follow up what has been discussed. Share a private page on Ceepage with your colleagues or business partners, to keep all the minutes of meetings. Update on-the-go, comment, follow up. Anytime. Altogether.

Ceepage team:
almost 7 years ago