Ceepage allows you to access in few clicks any information contained in your Pages. Thanks to those unique features of Ceepage, make sure to follow up what really matters to you.

Keep an eye on important notes

With the follow up function, send back to your Focus page any notes that you want and make sure to keep an eye on what you need to be done!

Retrieve any note by key word

Find a specific note by key word through the “search a note” function.

Make use of tags

Apply tags to your notes to allow page members to easily filter notes by key words.

Rename pages to remember them easily

Feel free to edit and change a page name whenever you want. In this way you can make sure to remember it easily. 

Other members will not see the new page name!

Ceepage team:
over 6 years ago

Send your page to anyone via a public URL!

You can now give a read-only access of your page to anyone, in 1 click!


1 - Click on the "Share a public URL" button: 

2 - Copy the URL in the pop-up window:

3 - Share the URL link with whoever you want (your colleagues, friends, business partners, family) via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc, just like this:…


  • If you no longer want to share the page, you can deactivate this URL. Go to the 'Actions' menu of the page and simply click 'Stop sharing the page' (you might have to refresh the page to see the action in the menu).

  • If you want to block the URL pop-up so that nobody can share the page via a public URL, simply go to "Rights" and deactivate the "can add members" function.

Have a look to our demo pages and try it out yourself right now!


Ceepage team:
over 6 years ago